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a short film by Mia Trachinger
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Where Are You Taking Me?
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MOMAKimi Takesue's feature documentary Where Are You Taking Me? made its debut at the Roterdam Film Festival and was also showcased at the Museum of Modern Art as part of the Documentary Fortnight. This

"...an uplifting observational documentary that plays on seeing and being seen." - Variety

"...a poetic corrective to lingering stereotypes." - LA Weekly

A high society wedding, a boxing club, a beauty salon, a school for survivors of the civil war: these are a few of the many places in Uganda discovered in this film.

Kids in Lira in Where Are You Taking Me?Employing an observational style, this contemplative documentary reveals multifaceted portraits of Ugandans in both public and private spaces. The film travels through Uganda, roaming the vibrant streets of Kampala and the rural quiet of the North, to reveal a diverse society where global popular culture finds expression alongside enduring Ugandan traditions. The film asks us to consider the complex interplay between the observer and the observed, and challenges our notions of both the familiar and exotic. It offers unexpected images of a complex country, encouraging us to abandon pre-conceived notions of where we are going and what we will find.
Half-LIfe Animated Still

A favorite animated moment from


is young Timothy's dream. Beautiful and haunting.


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Congratulations to Moon Molson and team:
Crazy Beats Strong Every Time
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